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What is the core machine tool for authority analysis?

All kinds of machine tools usually consist of the following parts: the basic supporting member for supporting the installation and other components and the workpiece, bear the weight and cutting force, such as bed and column; transmission mechanism, used to change the main movement speed; feed mechanism for changing the feed rate; to install the machine tool spindle spindle box; knife, knife control and control system; lubrication system; cooling system.

The auxiliary equipment of machine tool includes machine tool, upper and lower material device, manipulator, industrial robot and other machine tool additional device, and chuck, sucker, spring collet, vice, rotary table and indexing class machine tool accessory.

The core making machine is a general designation of core shooter and shell core machine. It is a device for making film coated sand core with hot core box process. It is the working process of sand filling and compaction at the same time, and immediately in the hot core box of hardening, reduce labor intensity, flexible operation, easy to master, using electric heating, automatic temperature control, easy to keep clean work, for the mechanization and automation of the core manufacturing process to create conditions. A cycle of only a dozen seconds to dozens of seconds, can be produced for casting sand core. The core made by core shooter is precise in size and smooth in surface.


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